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Welcome to AmiTrades.com, the best way of successful trading study. AmiTrades is a user friendly technical charting platform. This software can help you in nse Indian share market , mcx and ncdx commodity market , future and option and currency market trade. With this, you will know follow the market trend exactly when to Exact Entry buy and when to sell, what should be the target etc. Even the stop loss value can be predicted by using our charts. Risk limited and profit unlimited . These are not just accurate, but also very easy to understand. With this, you’ll be able to trade in intraday trading Strategy, short term and long term trading portfolio. The presence of a standard indicator in our software make it customized to your needs with Backfill Data. Software work on previous history forecast Fast decision making Can not Over confidence. book full profit – go with partly profit booking Calculated risk – stuck on rule

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Why to Choose AmiTrades?

  • 1. No Need Of Any Prior Technical Fundamental Knowledge. Easy To Learn & Use.
  • 2. Fully Automated Buy Sell Singals Generation WIth Smart Indicators & Auto Alerts. T1 T2 T3 Targets & Trainling Stoploss.
  • 3. Daily 1 – 2 Sure Shot Intraday Signals for Maximum Profits. Suitable for Both Intraday & Positional Traders.
  • 4. Works in volatile and sideways market very smoothly. It gives only few signals in a day so there is NO confusion at all.
  • 5. No extra loading charges in using period. Get Regerter for Free Live Demonstation
  • 6. Auto-Support/Resistance/Trendlines
  • 7. Auto-Supply/Demand Zones
  • 8. Auto-updating Intraday Screener with Multi-timeframe Scans
  • 9. Automatic Buy/Sell signals in Charts
  • 10. Scan for Support/Resistance/Trendline Volume Breakouts
  • 11. Get Upto 85% Accuracy with Free Training
  • 12. Pop-up and Sound Buy/Sell Alerts on Desktop and Mobile.
  • 13. Auto Trading Facility.
  • 14. Manual Trading System for Highly profitable intraday trading.
  • 15. Easy-to-Use & Simple Entry Levels with clear Targets & Stop loss.
  • 16. 1:1 risk reward ratio with higher success rate.
  • 17. Fully Automated BUY/SHORT Signals generating software.
  • 18. Easy-to-Use & Simple Entry Levels with clear Targets & Stop loss.
  • 19. Protection again huge loss & capital erosion, if followed systematically.

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